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Hi there. I'm passing by just want to tell you guys that this account will be on hiatus which means that I won't update anything about download links and fanfic. I'm sorry to those who I promised with that I'll update my fic. I'm sorry I just feel don't want to write anything at the moment, but I'll back as fast as I can once I get over writer's block. And another thing is about the fandom..I feel like it's pointless that I try to share something while they don't give me a damn. I think you get what I'm trying to say. I stop sharing any download links anymore (it's nothing though since there are a lot of people who share the link) It's so stupid hahaha I just don't see the point what am I trying to do. Because people in fandom aren't nice like I think... But I didn't leave JUMP fandom. I still love them and InooBu the silly couple that I always ship so bad, but I think it's better to be a silent fan. So now it's okay if you want to remove me from your friend list. I don't mind. Take care guys.


thank you Gaii <3
there are many people who share the links. It's nothing that i stop share the link. I'm fine. I just disappointed with those fangirls. You're still my good friend Valerie-chan <3
Wh-what's wrong with you, Kanou-chan? :((
Cheer up, ne, we're here for you :)
And we'll be waiting for you to come back *hug*
some fangirls upset me..
Demo, daijoubu. maybe it takes me a while to get over it but thank you Niken-chan <3
It's a sad news because I just started following your posts (cause I love your fanfic and inoobu...)
However, take your time! I'll be waiting...^^
i hope i can get over it soon. thank you for your waiting ne <3
aww :((
im sad to know u think that :""
maybe you just met "bad fangirl" that doesnt appreciate your share >w<
but if u ask me i really apprecuate what you give to fandom ... i really do Q_Q

dont be silent faan... i still want to share inoobu and jump thing with youu TwT
i'm glad that you appreciate my share but i really disappointed with them i don't feel like want to share anything anymore. It's pointless. But i don't abandon my fics i will update it once i get over it i hope you can wait :)
your always welcome <3
i always like what ure sharing but its all on you to decide <3
and i hope we can share inoobu things together like before nee~ hehe
of course i will wait!! you are my fav author~ XD
i hope i can get my mood back soon. sorry to keep you waiting so long i'm a bad author after all XD
nandee~~~ T.T
I am waiting for you since last time you said that you are sick, b-but you will take hiatus? *sniff
Will be very very miss u
Gomen ne, Tasuku-chan :( i don't want to but i can't help it, they make me feel bad i want to get away from fandom for a while. I definitely won't abandon my fics so don't worry i'll back once i get over it. I will miss you too Tasuku-chan T^T but i'll try checking LJ sometimes. *hugs back tightly*
Ouch I understand how you feel, there is sometimes people who make us feel bad, b-but I will always by your side kanou-chan :')
Uhn, I will waiting for you to come back, don't hesitate because you still have friends who wait for you nee, including me
Arigatouuuuuuu Tasuku-chan ;A; Daisuki!!!!! <33333
hello yoshi, i am sorry that you feel that way about other fanatics who love heysayjump like you do. i know how you feel about sharing stuff about fandom, i wish i could do the same and share some as well but unfortunately as much as i would love to do that, i just don't have any means of doing so :( imo you are very lucky you have the chance to share that to other ppl who have no means of doing it. but i guess his and to her opinions. i respect that so good luck with whatever it is that you want to do onward, still thank you for all the things that you shared to us, i'll be looking forward to your return :)
they make me realized that people in fandom aren't all nice.. maybe i'm being too positive when it comes to fandom. they really upset me. but i'm glad that there are people who appreciate my share and thank you for cheer me up i'll back once i get over it :)
I mean, I've just known you ...
some fans cause me to do this. they really upset me i can't stand with it so i decided to take a hiatus. sorry.
hope you'll be back soon :'(
i will miss you....:'(
and i'll be waiting for you....
i was happy when you accepted my friend request and i was happy when i talked to you...
i will miss you... but i can only say ganbattene kanou-chan...
thank you always.... *hug*