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Hi! Hi! everyone how are you doing? When i'm checking this journal i just miss you guys so much! my fellow InooBu's shippers <3 it's been a white since my last post, and i'm here to ask you guys a question. I did promise you guys that i'll finish Yes, My Master, right? And i haven't updated it in ages so i'm wondering if you still have interest in this fic. The next chapter is half done by now, but if you already lost interest in it then i'll just officially drop it. I don't want to break my promise that's why i'm here. And another thing is about fandom, i've decided to leave. Sorry my beloved fellow! But i don't think i can love human anymore. It's suffering, really. However, if you still have interest in my fic then i'll continue. i don't mind if i've already left the fandom, i just love writing and i'll continue to write as long as i still have readers.


Yes, My Master is the number one fic I loved most on this world!!!
Please continue it sensei, onegaii

And btw
I miss you like hell you knoooowww :"
Just being happy find you post an entry

Edited at 2013-11-07 09:45 am (UTC)
omgg.. thank you Tasuku-chan for always supporting me ;A; <333
i miss you as well and it's nice to talk to you again *hugs*
i love yes, my master, plz update soon~
i'll wait new chap!
thank you for still waiting <3 i'm glad!
yoshi-san... hisashiburi....
how are you now???
you know i was cry when you left your fandom... idk why but i though that you have a talent in writing....
i like all of your fics....
Ah yea Hisashiburi desu! i'm doing fine hehe how about you? oh my.. you cried?! are you serious? sorry! i left the fandom but i didn't stop writing fanfic so don't be sad!
Hi Gaii, I thought you forget me already! It's nice to see you again! Ah yea, i'm doing fine it's not really a big deal, though. how about you? i haven't been checking my lj for so long, don't know what's happening right now haha. Oh no, i'm not closing my lj. i love it. i had so much fun in lj with you guys there is no way i'll close it just maybe less active
Hiiii Valerie-chan!!! i miss you as well!! *hugs*
I'm glad that you didn't lost interest in my fic! Yes, yes, i'll keep writing since i did promise you to finish it ^^
I want to read you fic ..
i have been waiting for it ..
Yes, My Master ,,
thank you for still waiting i'm really glad!!
of course, we want that!

Thank you! <3
Of course i still want it!!!
The story is great and im waitig for the update xD

Please update sooon
Thank you for still following my fic ヽ(;▽;)ノ i love you!!