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Yes, My Master (Chapter 9)

Title: Yes, My Master (Chapter 9)
Author: Me
Pairing: InooBu
Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Words Count: 1,844 (yea, kinda short but that’s all I could manage)
Warning: Terrible grammar, so many weird sentences please bear with me lol
Summary: A love story between a silly servant and a childish master.

So, I had no idea why I’m back in the hotel right now. I remember the last scene I remember was Arioka along with Yabu’s personal nurse caught Yabu sneak out from hospital without permission, and the nurse was complaining how Yabu cause her in trouble. I was completely stood there unnoticed by everyone. However, just for a moment, Yabu was giving me a glance before he was dragged by Arioka. I looked at his back silently. It’s not like I care or anything.

One step and one step. I was walking around in the hotel garden at night while counting my steps alone. I just had nothing to do, really. I came here to look after Yabu in the game after all but he wasn’t around so my works are empty since the hospital already has nurse to take care of him. I heard Yabu will be sent out from hospital tomorrow, by the way. I looked up at the night sky blankly. It’s so tiring here I just come here not even 2 weeks yet but so many things had happened. I wish this will end soon, so that I can return back to my normal world. I just don’t belong to this world at all. The world that full of sparkling stars, too bright that it hurts my eyes.

I was just lost in my thought didn’t hear a step sound that coming from behind my back until the sound was getting louder. I turned around in curiously then see Arioka is standing in front of me giving me that unusual glare of his. It’s kind of freaks me out, though.

“ You! ” That was the first word came from his mouth after being silent for god-knows-how-long.

“ W-What? ” I gave him a question look. I seriously don’t get him. It’s strange enough to see him approached me alone already.

“ Stop giving me that innocent look of yours already. I’m really sick of it. ” He stated as he took a step closer to me.

“ Eh? ” I was completely lost, really. What the hell is he talking, seriously? Being innocent? That doesn’t make sense at all..geez..I don’t remember I’ve tried to act innocent before. That’s ridiculous.

“ Don’t think I can’t see what is your intention. Clinging on Kota all day don’t you find this creep people out? Even lured him out from hospital then trying to flirt with him with that cheap trick of yours. Have you no shame?  ” He raised his voice higher in irritation. So that’s what he’s trying to say, huh? Great, that you go straight to the point.

“ Shut up! ” I snapped at him which makes him a bit surprised. I don’t give a shit if he’s a rich child from what planet. Don’t judge me when you don’t even know me clearly yet. This pisses me off!

“ I don’t give a damn what is your relationship with him, but don’t get me involve with you two. I have nothing to do with him. And I didn’t flirt with him. It’s my job to look after him. You like to flirt, don’t you? Don’t assume all people are like you. Stop jumping to conclusion with your own stupid thoughts. ” I took a deep breath. Okay, so I did know that my position and his are highly different, but please, do you think I can stay calm when someone came to insult me even though that wasn’t my fault at all?

“ How dare you to talk to me like that?! ” He shouted. That was just as my expectation from a rich child.

“ Sorry, but I don’t think you have the right to insult me, do you?  I told you right that I don’t give a damn. Leave me alone. I have no interest in your love life. ” I stated calmly then walked pass him, but was stop half way by his statement. “ Prove me then. ”

I turned around then frowned at him. “ Prove me that you and him just a servant and master nothing more. ” He stared into my eyes waiting for my answer. You want to challenge me, huh?

“ If you fail, you need to disappear from his life ” He took a step  closer to me. “ because Kota already belongs to me, or do you scare? ” He whispered right into my ear.

“ Fine! As if I would scare with that. ” I answer without hesitation.

“ Hmph! Let’s see then. ” That was what I got from him before he disappeared in the darkness. Oh shit..what did I just do?


I don’t give a shit. I really don’t give a shit. Okay, maybe I give a shit.  Fuck, I said I don’t give a shit and what’s now? I totally get myself involved with that stupid relationship of them! I’m just his servant, of course I need to stay beside him! That’s my work, right! How come that Arioka guy got so worked up?! Okay, maybe he did see that accident between me and Yabu, but please, that was obviously an accident! He can’t tell that?!  And me too! How come I let my anger take over me?! Okay, I shouldn’t make a deal with him. It’s not like I’m afraid I’ll in love with Yabu or anything, but shit, I still need to look after him for about 2 more weeks for goodness’s sake! I need to spend my fucking every single minute look after him, just in case if he did something stupid that will damage his face or madam will kill me for sure. I’m already having a hard time to deal with Yabu alone and now Arioka too?!

 I rubbed the back of my hair in annoyance then walking to kitchen in my share room with Yabu to get some water. When I was holding a glass of water there was a loud sound coming from outside the door. It’s like someone was kicking it and that caused the glass in my hand slipped out then dropped on the ground. “ Tsk!! ” Just who the hell is that?! It was just 6 am in the fucking early morning!!

I ignored the broken glass then walked toward the door then open it harshly. “ What the-? ”

“ Stop giving me that stupid face of yours. I’m going in, you’re in my way. Step aside. ” The guy that was kicking the door insanely just a moment ago snorted at me then pushed me to aside.

I just closed the door back didn’t say anything. I know he’s out from hospital today, but I wasn’t expect him to come to the hotel back so fucking early. It was JUST 6AM FOR GODNESS’S SAKE!

“ The heck! What a mess here!! ” He exclaimed loudly. I immediately rush to him to see if something happen to him. I sigh. That was just a broken glass you don’t need to speak so loud like someone is going to kill you…

“ I broke it when you was kicking the door. Step aside from it or you will get hurt. ” I stated calmly behind his back then went to clean the broken glass.  “ Eww..clumsy as ever. ” I Ignored his complaint. Just whose fault is that? I shook my head lightly as I continue picking the glass pieces one by one then put them into plastic bags, while I was doing that Yabu suddenly spoke. “ I don’t see why you need to do that. Just call the cleaner. ”

I turned to see Yabu who is lying down on the sofa in living room so carefreely with both of his eyes closed. “ You rich brat. ” I murmured to myself. “ Did you say something? ” He suddenly spoke up and that caused me to startle a bit.

“ W-What? I didn’t say anything. ” I acted innocently as I continue cleaning the glass. Of course, I don’t want to have another argument with him in the early morning.

“ Anyway, why did you kick the door? Where is your key? ”

“ I lost it. ” Great. But it wouldn’t hurt you to use your hand, right? I sigh. After awhile, I’ve done cleaning the glass I walked toward the living room seeing Yabu’s still laying there. I stared at him for seconds. He looks perfectly fine now. That’s great. If he was getting serious, madam would be mad like hell, and I’ll be dead for sure. I rubbed my hands together. It’s kinda chilly here.

I looked at Yabu who is already fallen asleep since when. That’s strange. If he’s still sleepy why the hell did he come back to the hotel so early? He can just still sleep in the hospital. Does he hate hospital that much??

“ Hey, don’t sleep here. Go back to your room or you’ll catch a cold. ” I shook his body lightly. It’d be a headache to me if he caught a cold.

“ Don’t want to. ” He murmured as he turned his body to the other side.

“ It’s cold here. You’ll really catch a cold if you still continue to sleep here. ” I started shaking him repeatedly.

“ Yea, it’s cold here. ” His tone was low almost couldn’t hear it. Just when I was trying to persuade him to go to his room again, my body was pulled on to the couch with those pair of long hands.

 “ What the?! ” I struggled. I seriously don’t get him. Is he mistaking me as Arioka or something?

“ I’m lazy to walk. ” He spoke without opening his eyes. Fortunately, the couch was huge or else I’ll drop on the ground for sure.

“ Then I’ll go get you blanket. Now let go of me. ”

“ What a pain in the ass. Shut up and be my pillow for now. This is an order. ” He stated calmly while tightening his grip. “ Tsk.. ” I can only hiss under my breath and glare at that calm face of his. He really likes to do everything on his own without even bother to ask someone opinion, huh!

“ Wake me up at 8. ” He murmured under my neck while hugging me like a pillow completely forgot that this is my body!! Fuck, this is bad. I need to keep my distance from him from now on. Fuck, stop giving me pressure you bastard. Fuck, there are still 2 hours left, how can I survive this? Fuck.

A/N: Omg! Sorry that this chapter has so many curse words! I hope this didn’t bother you. I don’t want to rush the story yet since there is still a long way to go haha. And sorry this is kinda short i'll try to make next chapter longer!


“ What a pain in the ass. Shut up and be my pillow for now. This is an order. ” --> *shook my head* yabu, yabu.... poor inoo ne,, but ganbatte inoo-chan, you can do it... hehehe*being whacked by inoo*

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