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[sticky post] Introduce Post

Hi everyone welcome to my journal!
But sadly I'm no longer in this fandom my beloved tobbikos. However, if you need download links that I've uploaded in the past feel free to comment here. I will check my journal at least 2-3 times a week. No random adding please (`・ω・´) And also, I haven't stopped writing yet. I'll try to update my fics as fast as I can so please bear with me my readers! Have a nice day everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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hello Kanou im Le yoroshiku!!!!!i want to add you since you like inoobu and i think that us fangirls should all be friends ne :))

Re: HIIII!!!

Hiii Le-chan! You're here! I was thinking that you'll not comment in my introduce post anymore since I accidently clicked delete it == *whacks myself*

I am really happy to make friend with InooBu shipper ♥ I hope we can be a good friend ♥ Yoroshiku ne! >w<;


Otanjoubi omedetou Kanou-chan!!!!!
May you have a fruitful birthday today!!!!!
Thank you for supporting my fics ne!!!!


Arigatooooou Tricia-channn!!! >w<
Hehe douitashimashite! Your fic is great yo~ ^_____^

Your Name: konnichiwa, I'm rin, I'm from Manila, Philippines, and I'm 19 yrs. old. my ichiban is Yamada Ryosuke, my OTP is YAMACHII but I also like yabunoo and tadaiki. I want to be your friend because your also a fan of jump.
I hope can be friends
Hi Rin-chan your name so cute <3 I hope we can get along together ne? ^____^

Im Ayuna...
You can call me Ayu or Yuna..or Ayuna XDD
Im 21 years old but i'll be 22 two days after Hikaru's birthday thou^^
Im from Indonesia..^^

My ichiban is Yabu Kouta^^
and my niban is Daichan XDD
i have another ichiban in other group, like... Jin Akanishi, Tegoshi and Fujigaya ^^
My OTP is YabuHika defenitely, and also Love TaDaiki and AriYama ^^
My OT3 is YabuHikaNoo and TaDaiHika^^
And i think all the fangirl, well that love Hey! Say! JUMP should be friend ne^^

So Lets be friend^^
Hi I will call you Ayuna :D Yuna is sounds similar with Yoona snsd isn't it? I don't like her so I rather call u Ayuna then. Your name is more beautiful than her <3 nice to meet you ^^

You're an YabuHikka shipper? If it fine to read InooBu fic? We have the same OT3 ne ^o^

Yeah! Let's be friend! I want to make friend with fangirls around the world XD Yoroshiku ^^
Konnichiwa ~!!

My name is Mieyha.. I'm from Malaysia and 16 years old this December and my ichiban are Inoo and Yuto ^__^ I really admire Inoobu, Hikanoo, Chiitaro, Yamajima, Okajima, Inoojima*sometimes*, Tadaiki. I want to be friend with JUMPers around the world.Also, I love your fic. Please continue it ^__^

Then, yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^__^
Hi Mieyha-chan nice to meet you ^____^
You love my fic?? Hontou? Ureshi na >w< I'll post chapter 3 tonight arigatou for like my fic <3
Eventhough we're already friends, let me introduce myself...

-What Is Your Name: Keiyuki
-Where Are You From: Philippines
-How Old Are You: *cough* 20
-Your Ichiban: Inoo Kei!
-Your OTP/OT3: Takanoo and Inoodai
hi Keiyuki-san. Another philippines jumper ^__^ ohh u ship inoodai o.o they're a rare pairing ne.. i love to see they're being bestfriend than lover lol
Hi :D Nice to meet you

My name is Valentina, but you can call me Vale ^^ I'm from Italy and I'm 17. My ichiban is Inoo Kei ** and I love Inoobu (that is my OTP <3)
I just read your fanfics and I liked them a lot **
I hope to become your friend XD
See you!
Hi Vale thanks for like my fics. I'm really happy to be friend with InooBu shipper <3 Yoroshiku~ ^__^
Hi Kazu-chan! ^__^ of course i would like to be your friend because we're inoobu shipper deshou? XDD but i wonder where you find my fic na? because it seems you're new in here right?
Hello~ o3o
Fhay desu, from Phil, Age doesn't matter deshou? XDD, Ichiban OkaNoo, OTP: My main are YabuNoo, HikaTo, YamaJima, Tadaiki, ChiiTaro but i shipped all the pairings~
I wanna be your friend because I'm interested and you're a great fic writer :)
Hi Fhay-chan ohh yeah.. age doesn't matter hehe XDD
EHH great writer? OwO no my fic are failed T-T but thank you for reading it anyway :)))
Yoroshiku~ ^__^
-What Is Your Name: mika desu. yolochiku :3
-Where Are You From: Indonesia :D
-How Old Are You: 19 y.o :')
-Your Ichiban: Yabu Kouta :DD
-Your OTP/OT3: YabuNoo~ OT3 of course yabuhikanoo :3
-Why You Wanna Be My Friend: because we have the same interest. YABUNOO \m/ and... we're BEST-BIASED XD
Hi Mika-chan yoroshiku~! omg..you really have the same interest as me XDD just we have different ichiban ne but i'm biased towards Kota lately i don't know why lol XDD
hi kanou-saaan~
i'm indonesian, 20th y.o. college student who wish to exchange to japan, too
my ichiban is Kota Yabu. forever. inoo used to be my ichiban, in jjx time, for now I give him to yabu so he becomes my ichiban's ichiban. lol
my otp? uh, because *recently* yabu becomes a player, i accept whoever the partner, limited only to BEST, though.
my reason to be ur friend, uh I dont wanna be naive but yea, i'm sucked by ur fics more and more (;o;)
i dont wanna admit it but i'm lost.. these days evidence of yabunoo/inoobu is to much.. me cannot resists it yabuhika wheree r u
i'm sorry it became my story-intro. the effect of craving inoobu/yabunoo fic u_u
Hi~ what should i call you?
Haha i affected by Kota hotness lately lol
Yeah! Kota is such a player >___< he goes to make rabu rabu with everyone T^T and too much YabuDai in JUMP WORLD </3 I know your feeling when i'm seeking for inoobu we just can't get enough of them. Btw, I enjoy reading your comment ^^
Hi^^ kanou-chan, I'm Yuka from Indonesia. 24 years old,a collage student too but sooner i'll graduate and become an english teacher :)
My ichiban is YABU KOTA, i love him so so so much ^_^ and Inoo Kei is my niban.. My OTP are InooBu and HikaBu... i wanna become your friend bcoz you're hey say jump fans too same as me, i wanna make a friend with people who love hey say jump^^ and InooBu shipper.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu :)
hi Yuka-chan or should i call you Yuka-san?? Ahh~ i would like to become an English teacher too, but handle with student is not easy :3
We have the same OTP ne. But i'm not into YabuHika.. x3
I'm happy to know another InooBu shipper ^____^ Yoroshiku~ Let's spread the InooBu love XD
Hi ~

-What Is Your Name: My name is Victoria. Just call me Vica :)
-Where Are You From: I'm from Russia.
-How Old Are You: i'm 16.
-Your Ichiban: Inoo Kei
-Your OTP/OT3: Only InooBu ♥
-Why You Wanna Be My Friend: I like shipper InooBu :D

Nice to meet u ~
Hi Vica-chan :D
We have the same ichiban and OTP <3 XD
Hi Azumi-chan. I think you got me wrong here XD My ichiban are Ryuu-chan and Kei. Kota is my niban ne.. eto..it's not 1 year yet o_o i just start ne, but thank you for reading my fic XD
Hello Kanou I'm Niken from Indonesia
I'm 20 this year
My Ichiban is Inoo Kei >.< he's the last person I recognize in HSJ though (at first, my Ichiban is Yutp), but when I know more about him, I just can't help myself, I'm now completely in love with him >.< and I really love seeing Inoo and Yabu together XD
I like your fanfics :D especially 'Yes, My Mater' because you describe Kei as a strong person and a badmouthed one, he really can kill Yabu in his mind >.<
Even later Inoo finds himself intersted in his master, it doesn't make him a soft person and try to impress Yabu, he's still the stubborn one and still picking up a fight with Yabu. They both so stubborn here. I really like to see how their relationship will turned >.<
Ah I'm sorry to blabbering too much >.<
I hope we can be good friend, nice to meet you :D
Hi there Niken-san nice to meet you ^___^
Ahahaha i know probably his randomness capture your heart right? XD
I thought comedy won't work with this pairing, but base on comment that i received i think it work XDD
Haha sou, they both so stubborn it's hard to add romance scene na~
I enjoy your long comment XD of course, we can be good friend <3 often chat with me if you free ne ^__^
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